How To Reduce Cost Spending On Warehouse Lighting?
Rows of shelves with boxes in modern warehouse
Warehouses are one of the most important business establishments for any businessman. Therefore it is imperative that you provide sufficient lighting and good illumination in this place. But the warehouse lights cost a lot.
Did you know that by using conventional warehouse lights such as metal halide or HID lamps, you are paying much more than the cost of your utility bills. Or the cost of the light itself for that matter. Led warehouse Lighting save up to 75% on your utility bills and offer many other great advantages. UFO high bay LED Lights and Linear high bay LED lights offer great utility while being cost-effective. Here is a list of things you’re missing out by using metal conventional warehouse lights.

What are you missing on

  Energy-efficiency: The energy-efficiency of these lights is very high. This is because LED lights convert more than 95% of the energy consumed into light while losing only 5% of the electricity as heat.   Lower heat dispensation: LED warehouse lights generate much less heat as elaborated above. This saves the cost of cooling down the warehouse, godown etc.   High CRI: A high CRI ensures that the light renders colors which are accurate in comparison with an ideal source of light such as daylight. This means that there will be no accidents because of manhandling happening due to problems in color recognition. Again saving you money.   Long life: LED warehouse lights have a long operational life of more than 50,000 hours which means that these lights will last for a decade minimum even if used for 12 hours a day saving you money on replacements.   Maintenance cost: With LED lights you don’t need to worry about repairs and maintenance because LED lights need no repairs

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